Hook Island Discover the national parks 

Whenever somebody talks about national parks, it's rain forests and native animals that come to the mind But what about Queensland's greatest marine asset, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park?

The reef streches from near Bundaberg - Lady Elliott and Lady Musgrave islands - right up to Cape Tribulation, where the reef  meets the rain forest. 

There are many places to experience fine resorts in this marine park on the reef. A very famous and not so crowded place is Hook Island, on one of the major islands of the Whitsunday Group. Within easy reach of Shute Harbour - Proserpine and Airly Beach being the places to pass by - a two hour boat cruise takes the visitor to this secluded place, where only a limited number of people will assemble on any one day! 

For the price conscious traveller there is even a camping facility with all amenities of a resort and a shop. Diving being a great pastime there all necessary services are provided as well.